LD – Armored vehicles

At Legion Group, we pride ourselves on equipping modern armies and security forces with state-of-the-art tactical vehicles, covering the full range of various sizes and configuration, from 4 tonnes to main Armored Personnel Carriers.

Our expertise includes, but is not limited to: Armored Personnel Carriers, MRAP’s (Mine Resistant Ambush Protection), Cash-in-Transit, Luxury, Bespoke, and Private Security Vehicles, providing effective protection in high-risk environments and situations.

We specialize in armored vehicles supplied with certified steel and glass, with either a shell-in-shell technology and/or inter-changeable Modular and monocoque design, constructed to resist external kinetic and explosive threats from any angle without compromising the vehicle’s performance.

Please contact us via info@legion-group.net for a full range of our products and services and to discuss your specific requirements.