LD – Tanks

We specialize in the supply of new and overhauled tanks and armored vehicles, such as:

  • MBT’s of T-series and derivatives
  • APC’s type BMP-1, BMP-2, BTR-60/70/80, BTR-3U, BTR-4, BTR-4MV
  • Armored vehicles: BRDM-2, MTLB
  • Armored vehicles: DZIK, TUR, ZUBR
  • Other special armored platforms

We also supply:

  • Active defense systems
  • Engines, transmissions, and power-packs
  • Simulators

In addition, we offer our clients:

  • An overhaul and/or modernization packages
  • The supply of spare parts
  • Documentation
  • Technical assistance
  • Staff training
  • Complete logistics support throughout the period of cooperation.

Please contact us via info@legion-group.net for a full range of our products and services and to discuss your specific requirements.