At Legion Group we provide a comprehensive range of training and consultancy programmes, specifically designed for military forces, security agencies, and police units.

Our training courses include advanced counter terrorism, asymmetric warfare, VIP protection, and associated special operations. See below for additional information.

1. Defense consulting

  • Research & evaluation
  • Budget projections
  • Integration and/or modernisation of existing equipment
  • Medium and long-term planning
  • Working per specific project
  • Adapting and/or synergizing to specific standards

2. Military Planning Process (comprehensive approach)

  • MDMP-military decision-making process
  • Hasty planning
  • C2- command and control

3. CQB- close quarter battle

  • infantry platoon level
  • high risk arrest
  • hostage rescue

4. Basic and advanced shooting drills

  • malfunction drills
  • static shooting
  • dynamic shooting
  • situational shooting
  • transition
  • main and support hand.

5. Sniper operations

6. Liner targets tactics (Aircrafts, Trains, Buses)

7. Vehicle interdiction (Rotary Wings and vehicles tactics )

8. Long range vehicle patrolling

  • navigation
  • formations
  • scheme of maneouver
  • troops in contact procedures.

9. Special Reconnaissance

10. Breaching techniques

  • manual breaching
  • shoot gun drills
  • explosive entry

11. Tactical Medical Training (Tactical Combat Casualty Care)

12. Urban environment tactic

  • infantry platoon patrolling – mounted and dismounted
  • raid TTP
  • troops in contact procedures

13. Tactical Urban Rappelling Techniques (individual ropes, fast roping, leaders)

14. Maritime operations (blue tactics) – VBSS (Vessel Boarding Search & Seizure)

15. Advanced driving techniques (offensive and defensive)

16. VIP protection infantry platoon patrolling – mounted and dismounted

  • war and post-war zone areas
  • civilian environment

17. Post assault procedures

18. FMP – Full Mission Profile exercises